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Hi Rune, I hope your health is well and that you&#39;re just spending time enjoying other things in life while taking a vacation from blogging. Glad to know you&#39;ll still be photographing.--V.

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If you think that &#8220;Specialty Papers&#8221; will come back when the economy turns around,then why not give a company like Abi-bow (largest newsprint producer) a chance (by gov. bailout $$) to move from Newsprint to Specialty paper? IE:Retooling machinery! Kind of like GM going from the Hummer to more Hybrid vehicles with the help of the government(s)bailout billions!IE:Retooling machinery! Sheesh some of you posters DO need to go back for retraining&#8230;like starting with Business 101! Ex

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That's a quick-witted answer to a difficult question

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